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Our Services

Terra Verde Landscape + Design is focused on taking projects OFF your to-do list. From  maintenance to design and planting to custom fencing, our crew strives to exceed your expectations with transparent communication and quality services.


Our Process

Initial Consultation and Site Analysis

We'll sit down and chat with you to understand your wishes while carefully examining the site's unique features.

Preliminary Design

Let's sketch out the exciting possibilities with major elements and materials, giving you a preview of the magic to come.

Detailed Design Development

Now, it's time to add all the intricate details, ensuring a sustainable and enduring landscape plan that you'll love.

Permits and Approvals

Don't worry about the paperwork; we'll take care of all the necessary permits, so you can sit back and relax.

Quality Control and Adjustments

We pay close attention to every detail, making sure everything meets our high standards. If any tweaks are needed, we'll happily make them.

Goal Definition and Concept Development

Together, we'll define your dream design and create a concept that perfectly captures your vision and blends with the site's charm.

Client Review and Feedback

Your opinion matters! We'll listen carefully to your thoughts and ideas and incorporate them seamlessly into the design.

Material and Plant Procurement

We go the extra mile to handpick top-notch materials and plants that will make your landscape truly exceptional.

Construction and Installation

Our skilled team will bring your vision to life, working diligently to create a breathtaking landscape you'll cherish.

Easy Estimates & Payments

From beginning to end, our process includes streamlined quotes, invoices, and payment options.


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